Железная дорога Transportation of loads in containers and goods wagons 
  • estimating of railway tariff;
  • creation of optimal schemes of delivery “from door to door”;
  • providing with railway containers for load/off-load to warehouse of forwarder/receiver;
  • transportation of cargoes in containers and goods wagons of any type;
  • delivery of the cargo from\to countries of Europe in railway containers;
  • whole spectrum of services in forwarding\receiving of containers at railway stations;
  • delivery of railway containers “from door to door” including under customs control;
  • monitoring of the railway wagons and containers all the time during transportation and providing  our client with all the necessary information;
  • consolidation and storage of cargoes  in warehouses  of railway stations;
  • returning of empty containers;
  • security (including armed) and insurance of the cargo.

Organization of oversized and heavyweight cargo transportations including consultation on this matter;
 Engineering and coordinating schemes of loading oversized and heavyweight cargoes with participating railways;
Providing of all the types of rolling-stock for the loading.