International auto transportations by “Danube Group” are based on desire to minimize the expenses for the delivery by means of efficient work with clients and partners of the company.
  Traditionally international auto transportations are one of the links in composite chain of logistic solutions during multimodal delivery of the cargo to the place of destination. But as today’s practice shows, the present type of service can be successfully used as independent decision in case of impossible or unreasonable using of another type of transport.

  Close partners’ relations with leading haulers of Europe, Ukraine and Russia allow us to realize the delivery of the different cargoes in any directions. All cargo documents are processing in strict correspondence with international law.



Drawing up an order for international auto transportation you can be sure in free transit moving on territory of Ukraine, Russia, adjacent states, Europe and Asia. Modern technical securing allows controlling the passing of the cargo by means of satellite communication.

The main principle of our work is maximal optimization of the route and transport loading. Providing the client with transportation of consolidation cargoes of different customers by using one truck, we economize not only considerable funds but also the time for transportation.

Qualified customs execution of the cargo and high-performance traffic control of each the process connected with the logistics also assists in the shortening of the time for transportation. The route of transportation is designed at the stage of taking an order, so the client, if necessary, can correct it in accordance with his interests, what in-turn guarantees efficient realization of any scheme of cargo transportation.