International transportation of the cargoes is always connected with its customs formalities, therefore our company proposes the full complex of services on customs clearance of import, export and transit cargoes coming by any type of transports. 

We work with our goods nomenclature of external economic activity of Ukraine and Russia, and, in dependence on the type of the goods, we find the best individual approach to the procedure and place of its customs formalities.

Our services on customs:

- Customs clearance of import/export cargoes;
- Clearance of complex customs treatment including: temporary import/export, import of statutory assets or import of equipment for testing or other aims;
- Wide spectrum of cleared goods;
-  Preparing of all the necessary documents for customs clearance;
- Organization of within customs transit.

Due to high professionalism of our experts and experience of our company in the sphere of customs clearance of the cargoes, we can guarantee an efficient solution of any point appeared in the process of customs clearance.