We are glad to present to your attention the « Danube Group» company, which was founded in 2004 in Izmail and now actively works and develops on multimodal transportation and transport logistics market.

  The founder of the firm was a group of managers of the leading logistic companies.

  Since then we gain wide invaluable experience, due to which our experts have been performing a 5-year efficient work by solving all problems in the sphere of transport logistics and multimodal transportations. The experts of our company have thoroughly studied the market of cargo transportations, custom formalities and all relative services. The wide circle of our partners allows us to provide competitive prices and high quality at any stage and in any sphere of transport logistics.

  Danube Group is a logistic company offering whole spectrum of services on delivery of cargoes to any place of the world. We carry out both inner and international transportations using sea, railway, auto and air transports. And the most of transportations are accompanied with attendant services: insurance of cargo, handling works, warehouse services, security, custom clearance etc... . All these services are performed by professionals.

 The main difference of Danube Group among other rival firms is the possibility to minimize expenses for transportation of (oversized) loads from West Europe to Russia, countries of CIS, Middle and East Asia and other countries. For optimizing the route of transportation , we use the inner water ways of Europe through Danube river to Black, Mediterranean and Caspian seas, as well as inner water ways of other countries, further combining with other kinds of transport.

  We declare with assurance, that our transport scheme is the most effective solution of your load shipment, relying on already performed considerable quantity of load transportations on this route.

  All our specialists are well trained and fond of the business. Complex approach in logistics is a distinctive feature of our company.

  Transport- logistic company Danube Group can help you at a separate stage of a cargo transportation chain, as well as at carrying out all stages « FROM DOOR TO DOOR », no matter if it is a single- or multimodal delivery. During multimodal transportation our specialists provide precised control to preliminary preparations and the service itself in order to reduce all unexpected expenditures. The harmonious work of each participant of a transport chain plays an important role in it.

  We understand it well, that in-time and safely delivered cargo is the most important part of the business and this is the aim of our service and strategy of our business.

  The most complicated in the sphere of sea transportation is oversized and heavyweights shipments. Transportation of these loads by sea is a responsible business which demands complex approach and does not suppose miscalculations in planning and organization.

  For the last years we have successfully performed a number of complicated projects on transportation of heavyweight and oversized cargoes by river, sea, railway and auto transport.


  For oversized and heavyweight cargoes we offer the following complex of services:

  - Transportation and transshipment of oversized and heavyweight cargoes;

  - Study and inspection of routes of transportation, places of loading and unloading. If necessary carrying out preparatory civil work;

  - Registration of indispensable documents on transportation of oversized, heavyweight cargoes;

  - Storage;

  - Carrying out the engineering control and support of each transport and reloading operation;

  - Realization of “door to door” delivery of a cargo;

  - Customs registration;


The experts of Danube Group will be glad to help you in finding the most optimal solutions and provide all the necessary services in safely, inexpensive and in-time transportation of your load to the place of destination.


We do not simply transport cargoes, but provide all attendant services the most efficiently.