Danube Group company is specialized on providing of professional transport services:

  • oversize transportation;
  • transportation of oversized cargoes along the international lines;
  • transportation of heavyweight cargoes along the international lines;
  • international transportations of the cargo;
  • transportation of long goods;
  • container railway transportations;
  • transportation of special equipment.

Danube Group Company possesses all the necessary technical and legal possibilities for transportation of any oversized, long and heavyweight cargoes. We provide almost any type of existing transport for achievement of our goals: auto, railway and sea transport as well as storage terminals on territory of Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Asia. Transportations of heavyweight and oversized cargoes are realized on the territory of Russia, CIS countries and other international roads.

We are always ready to propose the optimal scheme of oversize and heavyweight transportation in any direction. We guarantee reliability and safety, and the shortest terms of delivery.
  Collaboration with us is quick, safe and secured delivery of oversized and heavyweight cargoes to any place of destination. Making an order for oversize transportation you’ll get assistance and qualified help in execution of all the necessary licenses for oversize transportation. We also provide the escort of the delivery. Therefore, delays and durational standing on customs or in checking of the documents won’t appear while transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargoes.

  Our company offers you the full complex of services which are necessary for transportation of your oversized and heavyweight cargoes: